Three Girls for Schubert

Three Girls for Schubert (German: Drei Mäderl um Schubert) is a 1936 German historical romance film directed by E.W. Emo and starring Paul Hörbiger, Gretl Theimer and Maria Andergast.[1]

Three Girls for Schubert
Directed byE.W. Emo
Produced byPaul Hörbiger
Karl Künzel
Written byRudolf Hans Bartsch (novel Schwammerl)
E.W. Emo
Arthur Pohl
Hanns Saßmann
Franz Baumann
StarringPaul Hörbiger
Gretl Theimer
Maria Andergast
Music byAlois Melichar
CinematographyEduard Hoesch
Edited byRené Métain
Algefa Film
Tobis Film
Distributed byNeue Deutsch Lichtspiel-Syndikat
Release date
4 August 1936
Running time
93 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Fritz Maurischat and Karl Weber. Location filming took place in Vienna and the Vienna Woods outside the city.


* Aribert Wäscher as Verleger Artaria
* Julius Brandt as Hofkanzleisekretär Juritsch

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