Thomas Fleming, 10th Baron Slane

Thomas Fleming (died 1601) was an Irish peer, and a member of the Parliament of Ireland of 1585. He was the son of James Fleming, a grandson of James Fleming, 7th Baron Slane. His mother was Ismay Dillon, daughter of Sir Bartholomew Dillon, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.[1]

He succeeded to the barony after the death of his cousin James Fleming, 9th Baron Slane. He was the only Irish noble to serve with Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex against Turlough Luineach O'Neill, the ruler of Ulster, in March 1574. He was one of the leaders of the opposition to the policies of Sir John Perrot, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the 1580s. Despite this he was regarded as a loyal servant of the English Crown, and enjoyed the personal regard of Queen Elizabeth I.[2]

He married Catherine Preston, daughter of Jenico Preston, 3rd Viscount Gormanston and Lady Catherine FitzGerald.[3] They had three daughters, Katherine, Margaret and Eleanor. Later Baron of Slane were descended from Eleanor, who married her father's heir, her cousin William, 11th Baron Slane. Her sister Katherine married Piers FitzThomas Butler, illegitimate son of Thomas Butler, 10th Earl of Ormonde. Their descendants held the title Viscount Galmoye. Margaret married John D'Arcy.[4]


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