This Man Craig

This Man Craig was a TV drama series produced by BBC Scotland and screened over 52 episodes in 1966 and 1967. It was set in a secondary school in the fictional Scottish town of Strathaird. Episodes were filmed at Glasgow’s Bellahouston Academy and Knightswood School. The series dealt with the everyday issues affecting both staff and pupils at Strathaird School, and in particular the title character, idealistic science teacher and housemaster Ian Craig (played by John Cairney).

The first series was shown over 26 episodes between January 7, 1966 and July 1, 1966. The second series was shown over 26 episodes between September 17, 1966 and March 21, 1967. Only two episodes are known to be still in existence in the BBC Archives. The opening sequence showed Ian Craig driving over the Forth Road Bridge, which at the time was newly built and a Scottish cultural icon.

Main cast

List of episodes

Season One

With Luv from Rosie
The Search
A Wise Father
Dougie [exists]
Girl in a Thousand
Three's Company
Live Like a Man
A Lower Deep
Sticks and Stones
Big Fall
The Bike
Time For Protest
The Key to it All
Tall, Fat and Ugly
A Rough Passage
The Expedition
The Romantic
Certain Standards
Two Thousand a Year
A Question of Biology
The Rubbing Rag
Whose Pigeon?
The Golden Key to Knowledge
Old Flame

Season Two

The Day Before School
Early Days
The Time Waster [exists]
Swimmer in a Shallow Cup
The Trolls
Period of Adjustment
The Good Chemist
Sons of McCall
What Made Sammy?
Fresh Off the Boat
The Pirate Cut
The Water Baby
The Tinks
Then There Were Nine
There's Got to be a Fire Somewhere
You Can Choose Your Friends
The Day's Run
Chris and the Wheelbarrow
Another School of Thought
The Moffatt Foundation
Two by Two

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