Third engineer

A third engineer or second assistant engineer is a rank of engine officer who is part of the engine department on a ship.

Third engineer
Other namesSecond assistant engineer
DepartmentEngineering Department
Reports toChief engineer, second engineer
Dutiesdaily maintenance and operation in the engine department
RequirementsSea Time on Previous License, Professional Training.
WatchstanderDepends on manned/unmanned engine room
Watch (at sea)Varies (0000-0400, 1200-1600)
Watch (in port)Varies (0000-0800)

The third engineer is usually in charge of boilers, fuel, auxiliary engines, condensate and feed systems, and is the third most senior engine officer on board. Depending on usage, "the Third" or "the Second" is also typically in charge of fueling (a.k.a. bunkering), granted the officer holds a valid Person In Charge (PIC) endorsement for fuel transfer operations.

The exact duties of this position will often depend upon the type of ship and arrangement of the engine department. On ships with steam propulsion plants the Second/Third is in charge of the boilers, combustion control, soot blowers, condensate and feed equipment, feed pumps, fuel, and condensers. On diesel and gas turbine propulsion plants the Second is in charge of auxiliary boilers, auxiliary engines, incinerator, air compressors, fuel, and fuel oil purifiers.

Notable Second assistant engineers

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