Third Menzies Ministry

The Third Menzies Ministry was the twenty-eighth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 28 October 1940 to 28 August 1941.[1]

United Australia PartyAustralian Country Party Coalition

  • Rt Hon Robert Menzies, KC MP: Prime Minister, Minister for Defence Co-ordination. Minister for Information (to 13 December 1940) (UAP)
  • Hon Arthur Fadden, MP: Treasurer (CP)
  • Rt Hon Billy Hughes, KC MP: Attorney-General, Minister for the Navy (UAP)
  • Senator Hon George McLeay: Vice-President of the Executive Council. Postmaster-General, Minister for Repatriation (to 26 June 1941), Minister for Supply and Development (from 26 June 1941) (UAP)
  • Hon Sir Frederick Stewart, MP: Minister for External Affairs, Minister for Health, Minister for Social Services (UAP)
  • Senator Hon Harry Foll: Minister for the Interior. Minister for Information (from 13 December 1940) (UAP)
  • Senator Hon Herbert Collett: Minister without portfolio administering War Service Homes (to 26 June 1941), Minister for Repatriation (from 26 June 1941) (UAP)
  • Senator Hon Philip McBride: Minister for Supply and Development (to 26 June 1941). Minister for Munitions (UAP)
  • Hon Percy Spender, KC MP: Minister for the Army (UAP)
  • Hon John McEwen, MP: Minister for Air, Minister for Civil Aviation (CP)
  • Hon Eric Harrison, MP: Minister for Trade and Customs (UAP)
  • Hon Harold Holt, MP: Minister for Labour and National Service, Minister in charge of Scientific and Industrial Research (UAP)
  • Rt Hon Sir Earle Page, GCMG MP: Minister for Commerce (CP)
  • Senator Hon John Leckie: Minister without portfolio (to 26 June 1941), Minister for Aircraft Production (from 26 June 1941) (UAP)
  • Hon Joe Abbott, MP: Minister for Home Security (from 26 June 1941) (CP)
  • Hon Larry Anthony, MP: Minister for Transport (from 26 June 1941) (CP)
  • Hon Thomas Collins, MP: Postmaster-General (from 26 June 1941) (CP)
  • Hon Allan McDonald, MP: Minister for External Territories (from 26 June 1941) (UAP)
  • Hon Eric Spooner, MP: Minister for War Organisation of Industry (from 26 June 1941) (UAP)


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