Third Bruce Ministry

The Third Bruce Ministry was the nineteenth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 29 November 1928 to 22 October 1929.[1]

Nationalist Party of AustraliaAustralian Country Party Coalition

Portfolio Minister
Prime Minister

Minister for External Affairs

Rt Hon Stanley Bruce, MP (Nat)
Treasurer Rt Hon Dr Earle Page, MP (Country)
Attorney-General Hon John Latham, KC, MP (Nat)
Minister for Home and Territories (to 10 December 1928)

Minister for Home Affairs (from 10 December 1928)

Hon Audrey Abbott, MP (Country)
Minister for Trade and Customs Hon Henry Somer Gullett, MP (Nat)
Minister for Defence Senator Hon Sir William Glasgow, KCB CMG (Nat)
Minister for Works and Railways (from 10 December 1928) Hon William Gibson, MP (from 10 December 1928) (Country)
Minister for Health Hon Sir Neville Howse, VC, KCMG, MP (Nat)
Minister for Markets (to 10 December 1928)

Minister for Markets and Transport (from 10 December 1928)

Hon Thomas Paterson, MP (Country)
Minister for Industry (from 10 December 1928) Hon John Latham, KC, MP (from 10 December 1928) (Nat)
Postmaster-General Hon William Gibson, MP (Country)
Vice-President of the Executive Council

Leader of the Government in the Senate

Senator Rt Hon George Pearce (Nat)
Honorary Minister Hon Charles Marr, MP (Nat)

Senator Hon Alexander McLachlan (Nat)

Senator Hon James Ogden (Nat)


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