Theodor Ludwig Wilhelm von Bischoff

Theodor Ludwig Wilhelm von Bischoff (28 October 1807 in Hannover – 5 December 1882 in Munich) was a German physician and biologist.


He lectured on pathological anatomy at Heidelberg (1835-1843) and held professorships in anatomy and physiology at Giessen (1843-1855) and Munich, where he was appointed to the chair of anatomy and physiology in 1854.[1] In 1843, Theodor von Bischoff was elected as member of the German Academy of Sciences.[2]

His most important contributions were made in embryology with a series of four exhaustive memoirs on the development of the mammalian ovum; published in 1842 (rabbit), 1845 (dog), 1852 (guinea pig), and 1854 (roe deer).[3] His studies concerning animal metabolism by measuring urea were less successful, as was his research on the anatomy of skull and brain.

He was elected a foreign member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1878.[4]

Selected works

  • Beiträge zur Lehre von den Eyhüllen des menschlichen Fötus, 1834 Contributions to the study of the human fetus.
  • Entwickelungsgeschichte der Säugethiere und des Menschen, 1842 Developmental history of mammals and man.
  • Entwicklungsgeschichte des kaninchen-eies, 1842 Developmental history of the rabbit ovum.
  • Entwicklungsgeschichte des hunde-eies, 1845 Developmental history of the dog ovum.
  • Entwicklungsgeschichte des meerschweinchens, 1852 Developmental history of the guinea pig.
  • Entwicklungsgeschichte des Rehes, 1854 Developmental history of the roe deer.
  • Die Grosshirnwindungen des Menschen : mit Berücksichtigung ihrer Entwicklung bei dem Fötus und ihrer Anordnung bei den Affen, 1868 The cerebral convolutions of man.
  • Das Studium und die Ausübung der Medicin durch Frauen, 1872 The study and practice of medicine by women.[5]


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