Theobald II of Spoleto

Theobald II (923/925 July 957/961 or 964) was the Duke of Spoleto and Margrave of Camerino from 953. He was the son of Boniface II of Spoleto and Waldrada. He married a woman also named Waldrada and was the father of Adalbert, Count of Bologna, and possibly of Willa, the wife of Tedald of Canossa.

In 959, Berengar and Guy of Ivrea led an expedition against Theobald. They defeated him and captured both Spoleto and Camerino. Duke Theobald was deposed by Emperor Otto I around the year 964 because of his support for the deposed Pope John XII. The Chronicles of Farfa suggest that he was succeeded by Count Transmond of Camerino, but there are no documents attesting to this succession. Instead it seems likely that Theobald was succeeded by Otto's loyal supporter Prince Pandulf I (Pandulf Ironhead).


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Italian nobility
Preceded by
Boniface II
Duke of Spoleto
Succeeded by
Trasmond III of Camerino
Margrave of Camerino
Succeeded by
Guy of Ivrea
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