Thelma Smith

Thelma Smith was an American film editor active in Hollywood in the 1920s who worked with filmmaker J.P. McGowan at Morris R. Schlank Productions.[1]

Thelma Smith
OccupationFilm editor
Years active1925–1926


Smith was working as a film editor in Hollywood by 1922;[2] the first film we for sure know she worked on was 1924's A Woman Who Sinned.[3] She didn't officially receive credits until a few years later, when she became a cutter for director J.P. McGowan.[4]

Selected filmography

  • Crossed Signals (1926)
  • Ace of Clubs (1925)
  • Red Blood (1925)
  • Riding for Life (1925)
  • The Road Agent (1925)
  • A Woman Who Sinned (1924)[4]


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