The Woman Dressed As a Man

The Woman Dressed As a Man (French: La femme en homme) is a 1932 French comedy film directed by Augusto Genina and starring Carmen Boni, Armand Bernard and André Dubosc .[1]

The Woman Dressed As a Man
Directed byAugusto Genina
Produced byAlexandre Kamenka
Written byUgo Falena (play)
StarringCarmen Boni
Armand Bernard
André Dubosc
Music byArmand Bernard
Jean Delanney
CinematographyGeorges Périnal
Distributed byLes Grandes Exclusivités Européennes
Release date
11 March 1932

It was based on a 1925 play by Ugo Falena which had previously been adapted into the 1926 silent film The Last Lord and was remade in 1945 as The Twentieth Duke.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Lazare Meerson.



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