The Wife's Family

The Wife's Family (also released as My Wife's Family) is a 1931 British comedy film directed by Monty Banks and starring Gene Gerrard, Muriel Angelus, and Amy Veness.[1] It was based on the popular stage farce by Fred Duprez.[2] The play was subsequently filmed a further four times: in a Swedish version Svärmor kommer, in 1932;[3] a 1933 Finnish film Voi meitä! Anoppi tulee;[4] and British remakes in 1941 and 1956.[5]

The Wife's Family
Poster in British Movie Herald
Directed byMonty Banks
Produced byJohn Maxwell
Screenplay byFred Duprez
Val Valentine
Based onthe play by Fred Duprez (from an original story by Harry B. Linton and Hal Stephens)
StarringGene Gerrard
Muriel Angelus
Amy Veness
CinematographyClaude Friese-Greene
Edited byA.C. Hammond
Distributed byWardour Films (UK)
Release date
3 June 1931 (London) (UK)
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Poster taglines: "His Mother-in-law wasn't born--she was quarried out of solid granite and could lick her weight in wildcats!"[6]
"An inside comedy of the in-laws-the in-bads and all but ingratitude!"[7]


Farcical confusions ensue when newlywed bride Peggy Gay overhears her husband Jack discussing the purchase of a piano, and somehow interprets what he has said to mean he is the father of an illegitimate child.


Critical reception

  • Allmovie wrote, "the level of humor can be assessed by the fact that the hero's unbearable mother-in-law is named Arabella Nagg."[8]
  • Tasmania's The Advocate wrote in 1931, "this big talkie has been described as "Britain's Cyclone of Merriment," and packed houses have greeted it everywhere. "My Wife's Family" can hardly be included in the category of "comedies." Perhaps "super-comedy" would be an applicable term to describe the film's side-splitting qualities, but better still it would be safe to say that "My Wife's Family" has more laughs than "Rookery Nook" and "The Middle Watch" put together."[9]


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