The White Peacock (film)

The White Peacock (German: Der weisse Pfau) is a 1920 German silent drama film directed by Ewald André Dupont and starring Guido Herzfeld, Hans Mierendorff and Karl Platen. Its plot follows an upper-class theatregoer who falls in love with a gypsy dancer at a music hall in the East End of London, a frequent scenario of Dupont's films at the time.[1]

The White Peacock
Belgian poster
Directed byEwald André Dupont
Produced byHanns Lippmann
Written byPaul Leni
Ewald André Dupont
StarringGuido Herzfeld
Hans Mierendorff
Otto Gebühr
Hermann Wlach
CinematographyKarl Hasselmann
Distributed byUFA
Release date
12 August 1920
German intertitles



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