The Weather (Busdriver & Radioinactive album)

The Weather is a collaborative studio album by Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus. It was released on Mush Records on February 18, 2003.[8]

The Weather
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 18, 2003 (2003-02-18)
GenreHip hop
LabelMush Records
Professional ratings
Review scores
Robert Christgau[2]
Dusted Magazineunfavorable[3]
East Bay Expressfavorable[4]
Stylus MagazineD[7]

Daedelus released a reworking instrumental version of the album, titled Rethinking the Weather, on Mush Records on June 10, 2003.[9]

Critical reception

Julianne Shepherd of Pitchfork praised the album, writing, "The Weather is smart but not pretentious, skeptical but not misanthropic, and it proves avant-hiphop doesn't have to be avant-crappy."[6] Meanwhile, Fredrick Thomas of Stylus Magazine criticized the album's consistency, writing: "It's not that any track on the album is actually bad when compared to artists doing similar work – it's just that it does nothing to differentiate them from the pack."[7]

Eric K. Arnold of East Bay Express said, "Busdriver and Radioinactive's rhyming cadences owe a debt to both Freestyle Fellowship and Latyrx, while Daedelus' lo-fi Casio tones could qualify him for at least a charter membership in Anticon."[4]

Track listing

1."Exaggerated Joy"3:08
2."Pen's Oil"4:27
3."Carl Weathers"4:35
4."Glorified Hype Man"3:34
5."Fine for a Robot"4:44
6."Germs That May Cause the Following"2:42
7."Weather Locklear"4:17
8."Break for 2300"2:25
9."DJ Furry"2:50
10."Raffle Ticket Blues"4:06
11."Sleep Standing Up"2:28
12."Name Forgetter"5:00
13."Thousand Words"7:00
14."Fizzing Energy Drink"0:23
15."Barely Music"9:06


Credits adapted from liner notes.


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