The War Widow

The War Widow is a 1976 television film directed by Paul Bogart and starring Pamela Bellwood, Frances Lee McCain, Tim Matheson, Maxine Stuart, and Nan Martin. Originally broadcast by KCET, Los Angeles (then a PBS affiliate) on their dramatic showcase series, "Visions KCET", the film is set during World War I. It is the story of Amy, a proper, but lonely housewife whose husband is away at war. She finds solace in a friendship with a more worldly female photographer, only to have her entire world turned upside down when the friendship becomes genuine love and she is forced to choose. The first lesbian love story on mainstream American television, it was written by Harvey Perr.

The War Widow
Written byHarvey Perr
Directed byPaul Bogart
StarringPamela Bellwood
Frances Lee McCain
Tim Matheson
Maxine Stuart
Nan Martin
Music byMark Snow
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Barbra Schultz
Editor(s)Roy Stewart
Running time85 minutes
Production company(s)KCET
Original networkPBS
Original releaseOctober 28, 1976

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