The Walt Disney Company France

The Walt Disney Company France, formerly Buena Vista International France, is one of The Walt Disney Company's international divisions and also European divisions. It's headquartered are in Paris, Île-de-France.

The Walt Disney Company France
Subsidiary of a public company
IndustryMedia conglomerate
Founded1992 (1992)
Paris, France
Area served
Key people
Hélène Etzi (Country Manager and Head of Media)
ParentThe Walt Disney Company EMEA
(Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
WebsiteThe Walt Disney Company France

The Walt Disney Company France is in charge of all Disney's brands and productions in France. The company also owns and operates French versions of Disney television channel and the Disneynature film unit. The Walt Disney Company France also co-produces content with other French media companies.


Gaumont Buena Vista International

Gaumont and Buena Vista International formed Gaumont Buena Vista International, their joint venture French distribution company, in 1992.[1] In March 1997 a Disney Channel is launched in France,[2] also serving Luxembourg and Switzerland.[3]

After the July 2001 purchase of Fox Family Worldwide, Disney also got a major ownership interest in Fox Kids Europe, which included Fox Kids in France. Fox Kids switched over to Jetix in August 2004.[4][5]

Disney Channel +1, a timeshift channel, and a Playhouse Disney channel launched in 2002.[3][6] As of 30 June 2004, BVPD and Gaumont dissolved their French distribution joint venture, Gaumont Buena Vista International.[1]

Buena Vista International France

On 30 November 2008 at 8:30 PM, Disney Cinemagic HD debuted in France broadcasting on CANALSAT from 6am to 1am daily,[7] making the channel the first "children and family HDTV channel in a French market".[8]

Jean-Francois Camilleri, head of the company, had the company acquire March of the Penguins for the French market. Buena Vista International France also managed to obtain a 20% ownership stake in the French version of the film. However, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution's bid to distribute the film in the US ultimately failed.[9] At the formation of the Disneynature film unit, Camilleri was placed in charge of the unit.[10]

Walt Disney Company France

In 2011, Disney Channel HD was launched and Disney Junior replaced the Playhouse channels.[3][6] Disney Cinemagic in France was replaced by Disney Cinema in May 2015.[11] In 2012, a Disneynature cable TV channel was launched in France. It is currently carried by France Telecom.[12]

Camilleri resigned his posts with Disney France in March 2019. While Helene Etzi was appointed to take over his responsibility as head of Disney's French operations, there was no word on who would helm Disneynature.[13]


  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures France (former Buena Vista France), distribution unit.
  • Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment France (former Buena Vista Home France), video distribution unit.
  • Disneynature, an film unit that produces documentary.
  • Disney Channel, flagship channel.
  • Disney Channel +1, a +1 time shift channel.
  • Disney Junior, a channel aimed mainly at children 2-7 years old.
  • Disney XD, a channel aimed primarily at children ages 6–15.
  • Disney Cinema, a channel dedicated to Disney movies.
Streaming service
  • Disney Channel Pop Pick Play, a service dedicated to Disney Channel productions, include in some TV packages.
  • Disney English, an educational service include in some TV packages.
  • Holà Disney, an educational service include in some TV packages.
Video on demand service

Euro Disney S.A.S. and Disney Store France are not part of The Walt Disney Company France.

Closed divisions

Cinema and animation
  • Disney Hachette Presse, a magazine publisher co-own with Hachette Filipacchi Médias, closed in 2019. All publications are now published by Unique Heritage Media as part of a licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company France.
  • Toon Disney and Toon Disney +1, a channel launched in 2002 and closed in 2007, replaced by Disney Cinemagic.
  • Playhouse Disney, a preschool channel launched in 2002 and closed in 2011, replaced by Disney Junior.
  • ESPN Classic Sport, a sport channel launched in 2002 and closed in 2013.
  • Jetix, a channel launched in 2004 and closed in 2009, replaced by Disney XD.
  • Disney Cinemagic and Disney Cinemagic +1, a cinema channel launched in 2007 and closed in 2015, replaced by Disney Cinema.
  • Disney Cinema +1, a +1 time shift channel launched in 2015 and closed the same year.

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