The Walls of Hell

The Walls of Hell, also known as Intramuros is a 1964 Philippine-American film directed by Eddie Romero and Gerardo de Leon and starring Jock Mahoney.[2][3] The film was made back-to-back with Moro Witch Doctor (1964).[1] It was produced by Hemisphere Pictures (owned by Eddie Romero, Irwin Pizor and Kane W. Lynn).

The Walls of Hell
Directed byEddie Romero
Gerardo de Leon
Produced byEddie Romero
Kane W. Lynn
Irwin Pizor
StarringJock Mahoney
Fernando Poe Jr.
Michael Parsons
Hemisphere Pictures
Filipinas Pictures
Lynn-Romero Productions
Distributed byHemisphere Pictures
Release date
United States


In World War II during the Battle of Manila, fanatical Japanese soldiers fighting for their lives barricade themselves inside the walls of "Intramuros", the ancient Spanish walled city of Manila. The United States artillery is bombing them continuously, and the Japanese are holding thousands of innocent Filipino citizens hostage. An American reporter named Murray arrives at the front where a guerrilla unit led by a Lieutenant Sorenson makes contact with a young Filipino guerilla named Nardo who had escaped from Intramuros through a sewer tunnel. Nardo tells Sorenson that his wife is among the prisoners and that the sewer system can be used to rescue the hostages. As shells rain down on the walled city, the American forces invade the area. Sorenson is reunited with his wife, and the military forces its way into the burning city.



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