The Virtuous Thief

The Virtuous Thief is a lost[1] 1919 American silent drama film directed by Fred Niblo.[2]

The Virtuous Thief
film still with Lloyd Hughes and Enid Bennett
Directed byFred Niblo
Produced byThomas H. Ince
Written byC. Gardner Sullivan
StarringEnid Bennett
Niles Welch
CinematographyGeorge Barnes
Edited byW. Duncan Mansfield
Thomas H. Ince Corporation
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date
  • August 10, 1919 (1919-08-10)
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


As described in a film magazine,[3] Dick Armitage (Hughes), essentially honest but weak, steals a small sum from his employer, Walter Haskell (Conklin), but confesses the theft prior to its discovery in hopes of leniency. Haskell asks him to sign a confession and gives him three days to raise the money, meanwhile discharging him. Dick is unable to raise the sum so his sister Shirley (Bennett) enters Haskell's employ as a stenographer to pay back the debt. Haskell becomes enamored of her and allows her marked attentions, to the dismay of Bobby Baker (Welch), also in Haskell's employ and Shirley's sweetheart. Matters reach a climax when Haskell attempts certain familiarities and is rebuffed. He then threatens the arrest of Dick unless Shirley bends to his will. She returns to the office at night to steal Dick's confession and is caught by Haskell. Mrs. Haskell (Matthews) has detectives watching her husband and they bring her to the scene. A woman who had lived upon Haskell's bounty also appears. The next morning Haskell is found dead in his office. Dick believes his sister is guilty and unsuccessfully attempts to take the blame. Mrs. Haskell arrives at the police headquarters and vindicates Shirley. The police later locate the murderess with happiness then following Dick, Shirley, and Bobbie.



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