The Very Big Carla Bley Band

The Very Big Carla Bley Band is an album by American composer, bandleader and keyboardist Carla Bley released on the Watt/ECM label in 1991.[1][2]

The Very Big Carla Bley Band
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 13, 1991
RecordedOctober 29-30, 1990
StudioBauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany
ProducerCarla Bley
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The Very Big Carla Bley Band
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The Allmusic review by Brian Olewnick awarded the album 2 12 stars and stated "The result is a fairly solid, if slightly bland, date that may cause the listener to pine for her earlier "excesses"... in the end, Bley's themes and structures tend more toward the competent than the stirring or memorable, leaving one desirous of the richer fare that she has served in the past".[3] The Penguin Guide to Jazz awarded it 3 stars, stating "A stirring live outfit the Very Big Band translates well to record, with plenty of emphasis on straightforward blowing from featured soloists".[4]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Penguin Guide to Jazz[4]

Track listing

All compositions by Carla Bley.

  1. "United States" – 15:32
  2. "Strange Arrangement" – 7:46
  3. "All Fall Down" – 12:46
  4. "Who Will Rescue You?" – 7:12
  5. "Lo Ultimo" – 9:25



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