The Venturers

The Venturers is a British television series produced by the BBC in 1975.

The Venturers
Written byDonald Bull
StarringGeoffrey Keen
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes10
Running time50 min
Original networkBBC1
Original release7 January (1975-01-07) 
11 March 1975 (1975-03-11)

The series, created by Donald Bull, had started out as an edition of Drama Playhouse in 1972 before being commissioned as an ongoing series. The Venturers took place in the high pressure world of Prince's Merchant Bank and dealt with the intricacies of high finance amongst its millionaire clients.

Geoffrey Keen starred as director Gerald Lang, in a virtual reprise of his role as oil executive Brian Stead in Mogul / The Troubleshooters. Other major cast members included James Kerry, David Buck, Cyril Luckham and William Squire.

The Venturers lasted for a single series of ten episodes.


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