The Valiant Navigator

The Valiant Navigator or The Brave Seafarer (German: Der mutige Seefahrer) is a 1935 German comedy film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Paul Kemp, Lucie Englisch and Maria Krahn.[1]

The Valiant Navigator
Directed byHans Deppe
Written byGeorge Hurdalek
Georg Kaiser (play)
Bobby E. Lüthge
StarringPaul Kemp
Lucie Englisch
Maria Krahn
Music byHarald Böhmelt
CinematographyGünther Anders
Tobis Film
Minerva Film
Distributed byTobis Film
Release date
27 September 1935
Running time
88 minutes

It was based on a play by Georg Kaiser which was later adapted into the 1940 American film The Ghost Comes Home.


A young man plans to emigrate to the United States with his fiancée but becomes extremely fearful about the ocean crossing due to a local superstition. Eventually he decides to stay at home and marry his girl.



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