The Unusuals

The Unusuals is a comedy-drama television series created by Noah Hawley that aired on ABC from April 8 to June 17, 2009, in the U.S. and Global in Canada. Set in New York City, the series revolves around the detectives of the New York City Police Department's (NYPD) fictional 2nd Precinct, many of whom have their own eccentricities and secrets.

The Unusuals
Created byNoah Hawley
StarringAmber Tamblyn
Jeremy Renner
Harold Perrineau
Joshua Close
Monique Curnen
Kai Lennox
Terry Kinney
Adam Goldberg
Music byJeff Russo
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10 (list of episodes)
Running time44 minutes
Production company(s)Totally Commercial Films
26 Keys Productions
Sony Pictures Television
Original networkABC
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseApril 8 
June 17, 2009 (2009-06-17)

The initial series order was for 10 episodes. Following the conclusion of the first season, The Unusuals was cancelled by ABC.


Det. Casey Shraeger transfers from Vice to the NYPD's 2nd Precinct with a mission: to clean up Sergeant Harvey Brown's station at his request. Her new partner is Jason Walsh, whose previous partner was murdered the same night Shraeger was assigned to him. Shraeger was chosen mostly because Brown believes her to be incorruptible, since she comes from a wealthy family and chose to work for the police from a sense of doing good, rather than for money.

As soon as she meets her new partner, they start a quest for Walsh's ex-partner's killer. He was known to be corrupt, but he was also investigating others at the 2nd Precinct, particularly Det. Henry Cole who once lived by another name and robbed an armored car. Cole's partner, Det. Allison Beaumont, is later revealed to be Walsh's girlfriend.

Besides Shraeger, Walsh, Beaumont and Cole, the station has three more detectives: Leo Banks, who wears a bulletproof vest everywhere he goes, because he is afraid he will die at age 42, as his father, grandfather and uncle did; Banks' partner Eric Delahoy, who has a brain tumor (causing hallucinations) but refuses to notify anyone, for fear that treatment could kill or cripple him; and Eddie Alvarez, who sees himself as a "lone wolf" and talks about himself in the third person.

The show's cancellation left the question of Delahoy's fate unresolved.



  • Amber Tamblyn as Detective Casey Shraeger, scion of a wealthy New York family who tries to hide her background.
  • Jeremy Renner as Detective Jason Walsh, an experienced and respected detective with a painful past partnered with Shraeger after his partner is murdered.
  • Harold Perrineau as Detective Leo Banks, who has an extreme paranoia of dying at age 42.
  • Joshua Close as Detective Henry Cole, a young detective who has a dark history.
  • Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Allison Beaumont, one of the few female detectives at 2nd Precinct.
  • Kai Lennox as Detective Eddie Alvarez, the oddball of 2nd Precinct who speaks of himself in the third person and lacks social skills.
  • Terry Kinney as Sergeant Harvey Brown, the commander of the 2nd Precinct.
  • Adam Goldberg as Detective Eric Delahoy, Banks' witty partner.


  • Chris Sarandon as Walter Shraeger, Casey's wealthy father.
  • Heather Burns as Bridget Demopolis, a dispatch operator in the 2nd Precinct whom Banks harbors romantic feelings for.
  • Ryan O'Nan as Frank Lutz, Cole's former criminal accomplice.
  • Kat Foster as Nicole Brandt, an attorney married to Alvarez and former high school classmate of Shraeger.
  • Ian Kahn as Davis Nixon, Shraeger's financial manager who later enters into a relationship with her.
  • Susan Park as Dr. Monica Crumb, the 2nd Precinct's medical examiner.
  • Matthew Maher as Marvin Bechamel, a mentally-disabled criminal frequently encountered by Walsh.
  • Robyn Rikoon as Amy Burch, Cole's fiancée.
  • Robert Funaro as Officer Leach, a 2nd Precinct police officer.
  • Cristin Milioti as sketch artist, an unnamed member of the 2nd Precinct responsible for constructing facial composites.
  • Marcella Lowery as Officer Shelia Trunk, a 2nd Precinct police officer.


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
1"Pilot"Stephen HopkinsNoah HawleyApril 8, 2009 (2009-04-08)101
Det. Casey Shraeger was working in vice until a fellow officer is murdered. She is quickly moved to homicide to help investigate the murder, and find out if he was crooked or not. Casey begins to find out some interesting facts about her new co-workers.
2"Boorland Day"Constantine MakrisNoah HawleyApril 15, 2009 (2009-04-15)102
A family of criminals has the detectives running all over the city until Walsh and Shraeger discover their motives and negotiate a stop to all the crime. Brown has Shraeger investigate Walsh's past because his former partner turned out to be a dirty cop. Meanwhile, Cole's former partner in crime returns, making it even more difficult for Cole to continue to hide his criminal past.
3"One Man Band"Jamie BabbitAlexi HawleyApril 21, 2009 (2009-04-21)103
Banks and Delahoy run into trouble on an undercover sting while Casey discovers that a personal favor throws a wrench into another case.
4"Crime Slut"Peter O'FallonBob DeLaurentisApril 22, 2009 (2009-04-22)104
Beaumont tries to keep her financial woes a secret after she's caught in the middle of a pawn shop robbery.
5"42"Matt Earl BeesleySarah WatsonApril 29, 2009 (2009-04-29)105
Cole comes face to face with his hidden past when a fellow detective is shot, while Banks tries to defy fate by stopping a string of bus robberies.
6"The Circle Line"Constantine MakrisGary LennonMay 6, 2009 (2009-05-06)106
Walsh and Shraeger try to help fellow officer Lewis Powell (Corey Stoll), who believes he may have killed someone after he passed out during a night of drinking and woke up covered in blood with his gun missing. The body of Ellen Richards (Chelsea Marino) is found in the hotel room Powell stayed in, but Walsh and Shraeger uncover that Powell is being framed by Richards' ex-boyfriend Earl Bentley (Ari Fliakos), who is arrested. Meanwhile, Banks and Delahoy learn they're both victims of identity theft when Banks' identity thief turns up dead. Delahoy confronts his identity thief, Bob Ryder (Eric T. Miller), but lets him go when he sees that Bob turned his life around. Delahoy's brain tumor causes him to hallucinate his high school girlfriend Karen Delmonte (Conor Leslie). He reveals his condition to Crumb and she agrees to treat him.
7"The Tape Delay"Rosemary RodriguezTreena Hancock & Melissa R. ByerMay 27, 2009 (2009-05-27)107
Casey and Walsh end up hunting down a wealthy businessman they were assigned to protect, while Banks and Delahoy chase an 87-year-old man on a crime spree.
8"The Dentist"Matt Earl BeesleyJorge ZamaconaJune 3, 2009 (2009-06-03)108
Alvarez is left in charge of the squad and promptly loses a thief and the evidence money to a massive collar. Banks locks himself inside his apartment, only to witness a murder outside.
9"The Apology Line"Constantine MakrisNoah HawleyJune 10, 2009 (2009-06-10)109
Shraeger and Walsh investigate a drug store owner's murder; Delahoy convinces the medical examiner to give him an MRI.
10"The E.I.D."Ed BianchiDanny ZukerJune 17, 2009 (2009-06-17)110
Beaumont and Cole go undercover to find a criminal who breaks into apartments and shoots adult films, while Shraeger finds herself invested in trying to help a serial accuser.

Home releases

The entire series was released on DVD on April 6, 2010, exclusively though Amazon. All ten episodes can be found on Netflix (via DVD only, not streaming), Hulu,, and free of charge on Crackle.


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