The Unknown Dancer

The Unknown Dancer (French: Le danseur inconnu) is a 1929 French silent film directed by René Barberis and starring Véra Flory, André Nicolle and André Roanne.[1]

The Unknown Dancer
Directed byRené Barberis
Films de France
Société des Cinéromans
Distributed byPathé Consortium Cinéma
Release date
29 November 1929
French intertitles


  • Véra Flory as Louise
  • André Nicolle as Balthazar
  • André Roanne as Henri Calvel
  • Janet Young as Bertha
  • Maryanne as Mme. Edmond
  • Paul Ollivier as Gonthier
  • Georges Herric as Herbert
  • Labusquière as Gonzales
  • Jean Godard as Thiraudel
  • Charles Frank as Berthier
  • Albert Broquin as Remy
  • Major Heitner as Vieux Monsieur


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