The Treasure Seekers (1979 film)

The Treasure Seekers is a 1979 British-American action film directed by Henry Levin and starring Rod Taylor, Stuart Whitman and Elke Sommer. It was shot on location in Jamaica.[1]

The Treasure Seekers
Directed byHenry Levin
Produced bySam Manners
Written byRod Taylor
Walter Brough
StarringRod Taylor
Stuart Whitman
Music byByron Lee
CinematographyJoe Jackman
Richard Kelley
Edited byKeith Stafford
Distributed byUnited Artists (United States/Canada)
Release date
CountryUnited States


Two former football players re-unite to search for the lost treasures of the seventeenth century pirate Henry Morgan...


  • Rod Taylor - Marian Casey
  • Stuart Whitman - Stack Baker
  • Elke Sommer - Ursula
  • Jeremy Kemp - Reginald Landers
  • Bob Phillips - Joe
  • Jennie Sherman - Debbie
  • Keenan Wynn - Meat Cleaver Stewart
  • Keith Foote - Lincoln
  • Dan Jackson - Supt. Prinz
  • Patrick Wymore - Shelley
  • Patricia Hornung - Alicia
  • Hans Kahn - German captain
  • Paul Methuen - Merril Jr
  • Joanna Wilhelm - Merril Jr.'s wife
  • Dermot Hussey - Stevan


Rod Taylor wrote the script.[2] Filming took place in 1976 but the film only achieved a limited release a number of years later. There were a number of problems during the shoot and post production.[3]


The film was also released under the title Jamaican Gold.

The Treasure Seekers currently holds an average two and a half star rating (4.9/10) onIMDb.


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