The Traitor Queen

The Traitor Queen is a fantasy novel that was released on August 2, 2012 in hardback by author Trudi Canavan. It forms part of her Kyralia series and acts as a sequel to The Black Magician Trilogy and is the third and final novel of The Traitor Spy Trilogy. The Traitor Queen returns to the themes of the Black Magician Series, and features Sonea and Lorkin (Sonea and Akkarin's son) as main characters.

The Traitor Queen
Front Cover
AuthorTrudy Canavan
Cover artistSteve Stone
SeriesThe Traitor Spy Trilogy
GenreFantasy novel
Published2 August 2012 Orbit Books
Media typePrint (hardcover)


Lorkin, Sonea's son, returns from his exile from Sachaka with Traitor Rebels following. Lorkin is given the task of trying to broker an alliance between the two nations, however this does not go according to plan. Lorkin is in turn captured by the Sachakan King. The Sachakan King tries to force Lorkin into betraying the "Traitors".

Dannyl, ambassador to the Sachakin Kingdom, must decide whether to trust Ashaki Achati, a native Sachakan. He is not to be trusted according to Tayend, but does this come from pure jealousy or good insight?

The Rogue magician is still loose on the streets of Imardin. However only one thing lies in his way of gaining complete control of the underground world - Cery. Cery is forced into hiding and is being protected by Lilia. The Guild needs to find the rogue magician before it is too late.

Main characters

  • Black Magician Sonea— Lorkin's mother and one of the Guilds Black Magicians. She is also directly responsible for the hospices located in poorer sections of Imardin, which she manages and works for.
  • Lord Lorkin— Son of Black Magician Sonea and High Lord Akkarin. Formerly the Ambassador Dannyl's assistant.
  • Ambassador Dannyl— Currently the Guilds ambassador to Sachaka.
  • Lady Lilia— Protecting Cery from the Rogue Magician.


In the book magicians wear different robes depending on their chosen discipline. The colours are:

  • Red: Warriors
  • Green: Healers
  • Purple: Alchemists
  • Brown: Novices who have yet to choose a discipline

There are also colours for denoting rank:

  • Black: Black Magician (Black Magician Sonea & Black Magician Kallen)
  • Blue: Administrator (Lord Osen)
  • White: High Lord (Lord Balkan)
  • Black sashes: - Heads of Discipline (Lady Vinara, Lord Peakin and Lord Garrel)
  • Gold Sash: King's advisors.


All magicians are addressed as "Lord / Lady" once graduated. Unless their Rank/Position denotes another title. Such as:

  • High Lord
  • Administrator
  • Ambassador
  • Black Magician
  • Director
  • Watcher

Higher Magicians A rank given to the guild leading body; these include the High Lord, Administrators, Heads of Disciplines, Heads of Studies, Black Magicians and King's Advisors.

In Sachaka:

  • Ashaki - land owning Black Magicians
  • Ichani - Outcast Black Magicians


Members of 'The Allied Lands':

  • Kyralia: Home of the Guild. Neighbour to Elyne and Sachaka ruled by Sachaka around a millennium ago. (Most Powerful Magical Talent in the 'Allied Lands').
  • Elyne: Neighbour to Kyralia and Sachaka. Ruled by Sachaka around a millennium ago. Closest to Kyralia in Appearance and Culture. (Semi-Powerful Magical Talent).
  • Lan: People of warrior Tribes. South of Kyralia.
  • Lonmar: Desert land. Home of the Mahga religion.
  • Vin: Island Nation. Southwest of Kyralia.

Countries Beyond 'The Allied Lands'

  • Sachaka: - Home of the once great 'Sachakan Empire'. Most free men are Magicians (Ashaki). All but the most powerful are slaves. Once Ruler of Kyralia and Elyne, it is believed that knowledge of Higher magic, or Black Magic, was brought to these countries from Sachaka. (Users of Higher / Black Magic)
  • Duna: - Tribal people who live in the volcanic desert north of Sachaka (Magical Talent: Unknown)
  • Igra: - A land "beyond the great northern desert. It is a strange place, where all magic is taboo and punishable by death. Yet those who watch for and punish magicians are magicians themselves. They steal the children of those they execute in order to maintain their numbers."
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