The Tower of Silence (film)

The Tower of Silence (German: Der Turm des Schweigens) is a 1925 German mystic melodrama directed by Johannes Guter and starring Xenia Desni and Nigel Barrie. The Tower of Silence is a silent film, and one of the few films by Guter to survive. In 2007 it became the director's first film to be restored for modern audiences.[1]

The Tower of Silence
Directed byJohannes Guter
Produced byErich Pommer
Written byCurt Johannes Braun
StarringXenia Desni
Nigel Barrie
Fritz Delius
Avrom Morewski
CinematographyGünther Rittau
Release date
29 January 1925
Running time
100 minutes
CountryWeimar Republic
German intertitles


The Tower of Silence centres around Eva (Xenia Desni), a beautiful woman kept in a high tower by her grieving widowed father. When an attractive explorer, Arved (Nigel Barrie), is saved by Eva after crashing his car near the tower, he introduces her into high society. When Arved, who was previously believed to be dead, discovers that he has lost his fiancée to ex-partner and aviator Wilfred, he must decide whether to reveal a secret that will destroy his old friend.



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