The Three Stooges Collection

The Three Stooges Collection is a series of DVD collections of theatrical short subjects produced by Columbia Pictures starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. Each volume is a two-disc set, and covers a three-year interval, with the exception of Volume Eight, which is a three-disc set and covers the last five years at Columbia.

The Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection, Volume One: 1934–1936 DVD cover.
Produced byJules White
Hugh McCollum
Del Lord
Charley Chase
StarringMoe Howard
Larry Fine
Curly Howard
Shemp Howard
Joe Besser
Music byR. H. Bassett
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
U.S. Volume One
October 30, 2007
Volume Two
May 27, 2008
Volume Three
August 26, 2008
Volume Four
October 7, 2008
Volume Five
March 17, 2009
Volume Six
June 16, 2009
Volume Seven
November 10, 2009
Volume Eight
June 1, 2010
The Ultimate Collection
June 5, 2012
Running time
Volume One
340 mins.
Volume Two
415 mins.
Volume Three
396 mins.
Volume Four
360 mins.
Volume Five
432 mins.
Volume Six
390 mins.
Volume Seven
356 mins.
Volume Eight
515 mins.
Total running time
3204 mins.
CountryUnited States

The series was first made available by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on October 30, 2007 and released Volume One: 1934-1936 and marked the first time the comedy team's shorts were released on DVD in chronological order. In addition, every film was remastered in high definition, another first for the comedy team's body of celluloid works.

The series proved to be a success and was very popular so Sony released, Volume Two: 1937-1939 on May 27, 2008. Three months later, Volume Three: 1940-1942 was released on August 26, 2008. Volume Four: 1943-1945 was released just two months later on October 7, 2008.

After the release of the fourth volume, the global economic crisis slowed down the release schedule. Volume Five: 1946-1948 was belatedly released on March 17, 2009. Volume Six: 1949-1951 was released three months later on June 16, 2009. Volume Seven: 1952–1954 was released on November 10, 2009, and included a pair of 3-D glasses to view the two shorts, Spooks! and Pardon My Backfire. As of 2013, the 3-D versions of these shorts have been removed for the current versions of this volume. The final volume, Volume Eight: 1955-1959, was released on June 1, 2010, which is a three-disc set and covers the last five years with Columbia Pictures.

On June 5, 2012, all eight volumes were reissued in a box set entitled The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection, with the addition of a ninth, 3-disc volume entitled Rare Treasures from the Columbia Picture Vault. The additional volume featuring the feature films Rockin' in the Rockies and Have Rocket, Will Travel, several cartoons featuring the Stooges from the 1930s and 1940s, and a number of Columbia shorts featuring Shemp Howard, Joe Besser and Joe DeRita as solo comedians prior to joining the Stooges; several of these solo films are remakes of Stooge films.

On October 18, 2016, The Three Stooges Collection was released. It had all the DVDs from volumes 1 through 8 but it did not include the "Rare Treasures from the Columbia Picture Vault" discs. All eight volumes are also available on iTunes.

Volume One: 1934–1936

The film's original release date is listed next to the title.

Disc One



Disc Two


Volume Two: 1937–1939

Disc One



Disc Two


Volume Three: 1940–1942

Disc One



Disc Two


Volume Four: 1943–1945

Disc One


Disc Two



Volume Five: 1946–1948

Disc One



Disc Two


Volume Six: 1949–1951

Disc One



Disc Two


Volume Seven: 1952–1954

Disc One



Disc Two


Volume Eight: 1955–1959

Disc One



Disc Two


Disc Three



Rare Treasures from the Columbia Pictures Vault

3-DVD set of bonus material released with Ultimate Collection box set, focusing on solo films featuring Shemp Howard, Joe Besser and Joe DeRita. Also included were animated cartoons featuring the Stooges.

Disc One

Feature films starring the Three Stooges

Columbia Cartoons featuring the Three Stooges

  • Bon Bon Parade (1935)
  • Merry Mutineers (1936)
  • A Hollywood Detour (1942)

Disc Two

Columbia Films shorts featuring/starring Shemp Howard

  • Home on the Rage (1938)
  • Glove Slingers (1939)
  • Money Squawks (1939)
  • Boobs in the Woods (1940)
  • Pleased to Mitt You (1940)
  • Pick a Peck of Plumbers (1944) (partial remake of A Plumbing We Will Go)
  • Open Season for Saps (1944) (remake of Charley Chase's initial Columbia short The Grand Hooter)
  • Off Again, On Again (1945) (remake of Charley Chase's Time Out for Trouble)
  • Where the Pest Begins (1945)
  • A Hit with a Miss (1945) (remake of Punch Drunks)
  • Mr. Noisy (1946) (remake of Charley Chase's The Heckler)
  • Jiggers, My Wife (1946)
  • Society Mugs (1946) (remake of Termites of 1938)
  • Bride and Gloom (1947) (remake of Charley Chase's The Awful Goof)

Disc Three

Columbia Films shorts starring Joe Besser

  • Waiting in the Lurch (1949)
  • Dizzy Yardbird (1950)
  • Fraidy Cat (1951) (remake of Dizzy Detectives)
  • Aim, Fire, Scoot (1952) (remake of Boobs in Arms)
  • Caught on the Bounce (1952)
  • Spies and Guys (1953)
  • The Fire Chaser (1954) (remake of Waiting in the Lurch)
  • G.I. Dood It (1955) (remake of Dizzy Yardbird)
  • Hook A Crook (1955) (remake of Fraidy Cat and Dizzy Detectives)
  • Army Daze (1956) (remake of Aim, Fire, Scoot and Boobs in Arms)

Columbia Films shorts starring Joe DeRita


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