The Test of Donald Norton

The Test of Donald Norton is a 1926 silent western starring George Walsh and Tyrone Power and directed by B. Reeves Eason.[1][2]

The Test of Donald Norton
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Directed byB. Reeves Eason
Produced byI. E. Chadwick
Written byRobert E. Pickerton (novel The Test of Donald Norton)
Adele Buffington (scenario)
StarringGeorge Walsh
Tyrone Power, Sr.
CinematographyArt Reeves
Distributed byChadwick Pictures (on State's Rights basis)
Release date
March 1, 1926
Running time
68 minutes


Donald Norton, a man of mixed race, grew up under the care of the Layards. He becomes the manager of a fur trading post for Hudson's Bay Company but has some struggles when he goes to be reassigned. Donald becomes ill one winter and his post manager, Dale Millington, takes advantage of his absence to impugn Donald's loyalty to the company. Donald is fired by his district manager, John Corrigal. In an argument with Corrigal, Donald becomes convinced that Corrigal is his father.

After taking a post in a rival company, Donald hears his mother has almost choked to death. Both he and Corrigal rush to her side, but she dies before she can clear up the paternity mystery. Millington abducts the Layards' daughter and Donald's love, Janet, but Donald brings them back to the post. Millington tells the story that he heard from Donald's mother. She had burned down Corrigal's house and taken his son, John Corrigal, Jr. Corrigal hugs his son, Donald, and his soon to be daughter-in-law, Janet.[3]



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