The Tape Recorder

The Tape Recorder is a 1966 television play by Australian Pat Flower.[1]

"The Tape Recorder"
Australian Playhouse episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 2
Directed byHenri Safran
Teleplay byPat Flower
Produced byDavid Goddard
Original air date25 April 1966
Running time30 mins
Guest appearance(s)

Jennifer Wright

It was originally broadcast as an episode of Australian Playhouse.


In a single room a girl sits taking short hand notes by herself from her employer.


  • Jennifer Wright


It was filmed before Christmas in Melbourne in 1965.[2]

Pat Flower wrote it deliberately to keep costs down.[3] It was originally written as a two hander but director Henri Safran persuaded Flower to cut it down to a one-person piece.[4]


The Sydney Morning Herald critic wrote that "the traditional formula of the short thriller was cleverly used, with never a letup in insidious suspense, and a sharply effective final twist to the story" based on "the alliance between the author's compact, ingenious plot and Henri' Safran's subtle production, which built up a taut, oppressive atmosphere within a single room."[5]

The Woman's Weekly said "it kept me right on the edge of my chair."[6]

The Sunday Herald said that with the show "Australian Playhouse proved conclusively and triumphantly that it is a winner. The only question now is . . . where have all these writers been skulking? Have they been hiding under stones? Working on novels? Doing bits for Mavis? Or chewing their nails until a series like this came along? I may be a bit premature in Jumping for joy, but in scoring two hits in a row Australian Playhouse looks as though it ' might be more than a grab bag. "[7]

Later versions

It was also produced by the BBC in 1967 with Guy Doleman. It was later produced for television in Canada, Belgium, the US and Italy.

It was also adapted for the stage.

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