The Strauss Family

The Strauss Family is a 1972 English Associated Television series of eight episodes,[1] about the family of composers of that name, including Johann Strauss I and his sons Johann Strauss II, Eduard Strauss and Josef Strauss.[1]

The Strauss Family
GenrePeriod drama
Country of originEngland
No. of episodes8
Picture format4:3
Original release7 November (1972-11-07) 
19 December 1972

The series was written by Anthony Skene, David Reid and David Butler,[1] and directed by David Giles,[2] David Reid and Peter Potter[1]

Anne Stallybrass was nominated for the British Academy Television Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Anna Strauss.

ABC broadcast The Strauss Family in the United States from 5 May to 16 June 1973.[3]


With original date of broadcast:

  1. "Anna" – 7 November 1972
  2. "Emilie" – 14 November 1972
  3. "Schanni" – 21 November 1972
  4. "Revolution" – 28 November 1972
  5. "Josef" – 5 December 1972
  6. "Hetti" – 12 December 1972
  7. "Lili" – 19 December 1972
  8. "Adele" – 19 December 1972


Most of the music was performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the series' musical director Cyril Ornadel, and some played by the Band of Her Majesty's Lifeguards.

Commercial release

The series was released on DVD as a three-disc set in the United Kingdom by Acorn Media UK in 2007.[1]


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