The Stranger Wore a Gun

The Stranger Wore a Gun is a 1953 Technicolor Western film directed by Andre DeToth and starring Randolph Scott and Claire Trevor.[1] Based on the short story "Yankee Gold" by John W. Cunningham, the film is about a former spy who moves to Arizona to join a gold robbery, but reconsiders and decides to change his life. The film is one of the first 3-D western movies; it earned an estimated $1.6 million at the North American box office in 1953.[2] The supporting cast features Joan Weldon, George Macready, Alfonso Bedoya, Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.

The Stranger Wore a Gun
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAndré DeToth
Produced byHarry Joe Brown
Screenplay byKenneth Gamet
Based on"Yankee Gold"
1953 story
by John W. Cunningham
Music byMischa Bakaleinikoff (uncredited)
CinematographyLester White
Edited by
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • July 30, 1953 (1953-07-30) (US)
Running time
83 minutes
CountryUnited States


Jeff Travis (Randolph Scott), a spy for Quantril’s Raiders, leaves when he realizes Quantril’s true nature and enlists in the confederate army. After the war he narrowly escapes a gang looking for Quantril men thanks to Josie (Claire Trevor) warning him by jumping off a river boat and rides to Prescot, Arizona to start a new life. Finding that his reputation has preceded him, crooked saloon owner Jules Mouret (George Macready) hires Jeff to monitor a series of Gold shipments on the local stage line run by Jason Conroy (Pierre Watkin) and his daughter Shelby Conroy (Joan Weldon) in preparation for a major robbery. Jules aided by henchmen Dan Kurth (Lee Marvin) and Bull Slager (Ernest Borgnine) runs his competitor Mexican bandit Degas (Alfonso Bedoya) out of town. There is a hint of a possible romance between Jeff and Shelby but nothing materializes once Josie arrives and sets up shop in Jules’s saloon. After the stage driver Jim (Clem Bevans) is gunned down in a stage robbery Jeff turns honest and vows to avenge Jim. Jules and his gang waiting to rob the stage encounter Degas and his gang. Jules shoots Degas and tries to rob the stage but is stopped when Jeff kicks Dan off and returns to town. That night Jeff and Dan face off ready to draw but Jeff is faster. The next morning in the saloon Jeff faces off with Jules and Bull in the saloon. Bull ties to sneak his gun out but Josie yells and throws a lamp setting the saloon on fire. Bull keeps trying to shoot Jeff but Josie pulls his gun hand down allowing Jeff to shoot him and Josie escapes. Jeff goes after Jules but the fire is too much, trapping Jules. Jeff makes it out with only minor burns on his hands. Later that day Jeff and Josie board the stage for California to begin a new life. Shelby and her father bid them good-bye



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