The Specialists (1969 film)

The Specialists (Italian: Gli specialisti, also known as Drop Them or I'll Shoot)[4] is a 1969 Spaghetti Western co-written and directed by Sergio Corbucci. It was co-produced with West Germany and France[4] and was released in France under the title Le spécialiste and in Germany with the title Fahrt zur Hölle, ihr Halunken. The title is probably intended to partner the previous Corbucci western, The Mercenary.[5]

The Specialists
Directed bySergio Corbucci
Screenplay by
  • Sergio Corbucci
  • Sabatino Ciuffini[1]
Story bySergio Corbucci
Sabatino Ciuffini
Lee Van Cleef[2]
Music byAngelo Francesco Lavagnino[3]
CinematographyDario Di Palma[3]
Edited byElsa Armanni[3]
  • Neue Münchener Lichtspielkunst GmbH
  • Adelphia Compagnia Cinematografica S.p.A.
  • Films Marceau
  • Films Raoul Ploquin[1]
Distributed byMagna (Italy)[3]
Cocinor (France)
  • Italy
  • France
  • West Germany[1]


A single stranger named Hud comes to Blackstone, a town where his brother had been falsely accused of robbing a bank. Hud he is determined to avenge his brother, who has been hanged without a proper court hearing. Finally Hud finds out it was one of the town's most dignified citizens who really robbed the bank. That puts him in great danger.


  • Johnny Hallyday as Hud Dixon
  • Gastone Moschin as Sheriff Gedeon
  • Françoise Fabian as Virginia Pollicut
  • Mario Adorf as El Diablo
  • Sylvie Fennec as Sheba
  • Angela Luce as Valencia
  • Serge Marquand as Boot
  • Gino Pernice as Cabot
  • Mario Castellani as Judge Ham
  • Remo De Angelis as Romero
  • Stefano Cattarossi as Kit
  • Renato Pinciroli as Lord
  • Lucio Rosato as Deputy Sheriff
  • Andrés José Cruz Soublette (as Andres José Cruz) as Rosencrantz
  • Riccardo Domenici (as Riccardo Domienici) as Mac Lane
  • Gabriella Tavernese as Apache
  • Mimmo Poli as Barman
  • Christian Belegue (as Christian Belaygue) as Buddy
  • Franco Castellani as Woodie
  • Brizio Montinaro (as Montinaro Brizio) as Charlie Dixon
  • Franco Marletta as Bill


The Specialists was released in Germany on 10 April 1970 and in France on 22 April 1970.[1][6]

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