The Song of the Road

The Song of the Road is a 1937 British drama film directed by John Baxter and starring Bransby Williams, Ernest Butcher and Muriel George. It was made at Shepperton Studios.[2] It was made as a supporting feature. Like Baxter's earlier The Song of the Plough (1933) the film examines the effect of modern technology on traditional working practices in the countryside.[3]

The Song of the Road
Directed byJohn Baxter
Produced byJohn Baxter
Written byGerald Elliott
H.F. Maltby
Michael Kent
StarringBransby Williams
Ernest Butcher
Muriel George
Davy Burnaby
Music byKennedy Russell
CinematographyJack Parker
Edited bySidney Stone
Distributed bySound City Films
Release date
February 1937[1]
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


After the Local council he works for decides to replace its horse-drawn services with motor vehicles, one of the drivers spends his savings to buy the horse. Together they search the countryside looking for work, and meeting an assorted group of characters on the way.



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