The Singing Cop (film)

The Singing Cop is a 1938 British musical comedy spy drama, directed by Arthur B. Woods and starring singer Keith Falkner and Chili Bouchier. The film was a quota quickie production, based on a short story by Kenneth Leslie-Smith. It is now classed as a lost film.[1]

The Singing Cop
Directed byArthur B. Woods
Produced byIrving Asher
Written byTom Phipps
Brock Williams
StarringKeith Falkner
Chili Bouchier
Music byBenjamin Frankel
CinematographyBasil Emmott
Distributed byWarner Brothers-First National Productions
Release date
January 1938
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


A temperamental opera diva arouses official suspicion that she is a spy, secretly gathering classified information to pass to enemy agents. A policeman who happens to be a talented amateur singer is sent undercover to join the opera company and try to find out whether there is any substance to the allegations. Once there, an immediate attraction springs up between the policeman and a female member of the company. But the diva also sets her sights on him and, used to getting what she wants, becomes the bitter rival-in-love of the other singer. The policeman lets his lady friend into his confidence, and the pair set about sleuthing. They finally prove that all the suspicions were justified and the diva is indeed a foreign agent.



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