The Seven Deadly Sins (1962 film)

Les Sept péchés capitaux is a 1962 French film composed of seven different segments, one for each of the seven deadly sins, each being by different directors and featuring different casts. At the time it served as a showcase for rising directors and stars, many of whom achieved later fame.

Les Sept péchés capitaux
Directed byPhilippe de Broca
Claude Chabrol
Jacques Demy
Sylvain Dhomme
Max Douy
Jean-Luc Godard
Eugène Ionesco
Edouard Molinaro
Roger Vadim
Produced byJean Lavie
Claude Mauriac
Tonio Suné
Written byDaniel Boulanger
Claude Chabrol
Jacques Demy
Jean-Luc Godard
Eugène Ionesco
Félicien Marceau
Roger Peyrefitte
StarringDanièle Lebrun
Claude Rich
Music bySacha Distel
Pierre Jansen
Michel Legrand
CinematographyHenri Decaë
Louis Miaille
Jean Penzer
Giovanni Pucci
Jean Rabier
Edited byJean Feyte
Jacques Gaillard
Release date
Running time
113 minutes
Box office$9.9 million[1]



Directed by Sylvain Dhomme and Max Douy from a script by Eugène Ionesco. Anger seizes a man who finds a fly in his Sunday soup. It spreads through his neighborhood, his city, his country and soon the whole world.


Directed by Édouard Molinaro. Envious of a movie star who is staying at the hotel where she works, the waitress Rosette (Dany Saval) does everything she can to seduce the actress's lover. Some time later, after having realized her ambition, she returns to the hotel as a client.


Written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Eddie Constantine, who plays himself, is approached by a starlet who he takes to his home with well-stated intentions. But the hero's laziness is so relentless that nothing untoward happens.


Directed by Jacques Demy from a script by himself and Roger Peyrefitte. Jacques (Laurent Terzieff) and Bernard (Jean-Louis Trintignant) search for the definition of lust in a reproduction of The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. Bernard recalls his childhood with his parents (Jean Desailly and Micheline Presle), when he confused lust with luxury. Also features Nicole Berger.


Directed by Roger Vadim from a script by Félicien Marceau. A woman (Marina Vlady) leaves her lover (Sami Frey) to return to her husband (Jean-Pierre Aumont) who cheats on her, something that his pride can not admit.


Directed by Philippe de Broca from a script by Daniel Boulanger. Valentin (Georges Wilson) travels to the burial of his father who died of indigestion, but stopping to eat on the way causes him to be late for the meal which follows the funeral.


Directed and scripted by Claude Chabrol. A group of university students in Paris dream of a night of love with Suzon, whose rates are staggering. To raise the money, they organize a lottery among themselves so that at least the winner will enact their fantasy. Actors include Claude Berri, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Claude Rich, Jacques Charrier and Claude Chabrol himself as a pharmacist (the career his father wanted for him).


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