The Secret of Delft

The Secret of Delft (Dutch: Het geheim van den vuurtoren) is a 1916 Dutch black and white silent crime film directed by Maurits Binger. The movie was also sold to France, where it was titled Le Secret du Phare. Only fragments of the original movie survived and are being kept in the Dutch Cinema Museum (Nederlands Filmuseum). It is hoped a complete copy survived in France.

The Secret of Delft
Directed byMaurits Binger
Louis Chrispijn sr
Produced byMaurits Binger
Written byMaurits Binger
Distributed byFilmfabriek Hollandia
Release date
14 January 1916
Running time
80 minutes
Budget± ƒ 70.000

The movie was an ambitious, large-scale project because it required the construction of a 20 metre high ruined lighthouse, and a 15 metre long pier of the coast of Zandvoort. These constructions meant high production costs, totaling a rumoured 50.000 to 70.000 gulden. The movie also starred the most famous actors in the Netherlands at that time.


In a fit of rage, the main character Hendrik van Norden injures a man. His injuries are so severe, the man is no longer able to recognise Van Norden. There was a witness to the assault, named Van Oort, who blackmails Van Norden and his wife. If they pay him a large sum of money, he would not got to the police to give a statement. The Van Norden's decide to comply and give Van Oort the money. To obtain the money, they decide to rob someone. They hide in the ruins of a lighthouse before the robbery. However, the two feel guilty about their decision and commit suicide by jumping of the lighthouse.


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