The Secret Place (film)

The Secret Place is a 1957 British crime film that was the directorial debut of Clive Donner.[1] It stars Belinda Lee, Ronald Lewis, and David McCallum in a supporting role.[2]

The Secret Place
Directed byClive Donner
Produced byJohn Bryan
Anthony Perry
Written byLinette Perry
StarringBelinda Lee
Ronald Lewis
Music byClifton Parker
CinematographyErnest Steward
Edited byPeter Bezencenet
John Bryan Productions
Distributed byRank
Release date
27 May 1957
Running time
98 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


Crime heist melodrama set in the bombed out East End of London. A diamond robbery is masterminded by small-time crooks, and an adolescent boy finds himself unwittingly caught up in events, after discovering they've hidden the loot in his home.[2][3]

In East London, young Freddie Hatwood has a crush on kiosk attendant Molly Wilson, who is engaged to Gerry Garter. Gerry is a member of a criminal gang who have a hideout at car dealership; Molly's brother Mike works there.

Gerry, Mike and their friend Steve are planning a diamond robbery. They need a policeman's uniform. Molly asks Freddie to borrow the uniform of his policeman father.

The robber goes ahead. Gerry hides the diamonds inside Molly's record player. Not knowing this, Molly gives the player to Freddie as a thank you gift. Freddie discovers the diamonds and the gang go after him.



Filming took place at Pinewood Studios in November 1956.[4] It was Donner's first feature as director.[5]


The British Film Institute praised the "remarkable debut screenplay by Linette Perry, which manages to intertwine the generic conventions of the heist thriller with a simple, but poetic, moral drama. In Perry's world the secret places stretch beyond the physical - the record player, gang hideouts and derelict buildings - into the hearts of the young protagonists. Faced with opportunity and misguided by love, the characters are all confronted with their own buried selfishness."[6]


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