The Second Mother (1925 film)

The Second Mother (German: Die zweite Mutter) is a 1925 German silent comedy film directed by Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers and starring Margarete Lanner, Hans Mierendorff and Maria Melchoir. It was one of a number of popular comedies released by UFA alongside its more prestigious art films.[1]

The Second Mother
Directed byHeinrich Bolten-Baeckers
Produced byHeinrich Bolten-Baeckers
Written byHeinrich Bolten-Baeckers
StarringMargarete Lanner
Hans Mierendorff
Maria Melchoir
Jack Trevor
CinematographyHermann Boettger
Albert Schattmann
Distributed byUFA
Release date
10 December 1925
German intertitles


  • Margarete Lanner as Dorette Petresco
  • Hans Mierendorff as Ernst v. Schönwald
  • Maria Melchoir as Herta
  • Jack Trevor as Baron Fred Brochstädt
  • Liselotte Krämer as Lori
  • Mary Hannes
  • Oskar Fuchs as van der Verde
  • Leo Peukert as T. Weiringer
  • Emil Sondermannas Johann
  • Carl Zickner
  • Hans Stock


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