The Scarlet West

The Scarlet West is a 1925 silent film historical drama directed by John G. Adolfi and starring Robert Frazer and Clara Bow. It was distributed by the First National company.[1][2]

The Scarlet West
Directed byJohn G. Adolfi
Produced byFrank J. Carroll
Based onshort story The Scarlet West by A. B. Heath
StarringRobert Frazer
Clara Bow
CinematographyGeorge Benoit
Benjamin Kline
Victor Shuler
F. L. Hoefler
Distributed byFirst National Pictures
Release date
July 26, 1925
Running time
9 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles

This was an ambitious silent film made by an independent producer, about George Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn. It was filmed on location at Dolores, Colorado.


Preservation status

There are no prints of the film surviving which makes it a lost film.[3][4] A trailer survives at the Library of Congress.[5] Some of the still photography from the production survives and is used in a documentary on local cinematographer Victor Shuler who was one of four cameramen on the production.[6]

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