The Riverside Murder

The Riverside Murder is a 1935 British crime film directed by Albert Parker and starring Basil Sydney, Judy Gunn and Zoe Davis.[1] A woman reporter helps an inspector solve the deaths of four financiers on the eve of a group shareout. Based on "Les Six Hommes Morts" (Editions du Masque) by Stanislas-André Steeman.

The Riverside Murder
Directed byAlbert Parker
Produced byLeslie Landau (unit producer)
Written bySelwyn Jepson (writer)
Stanislas-André Steeman (novel)
StarringSee below
CinematographyAlex Bryce
Edited byReginald Beck
Release date
March 1935
Running time
64 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Plot summary

Robert Norman is shot dead at his home. Inspector Winton arrives on the scene to investigate the murder and finds that it has occurred shortly before an important meeting between a group of five financiers of whom Norman was one. Budding journalist Claire Haines also manages to talk her way into the house in an attempt to impress her editor by gathering exclusive news on the murder. The other financiers realize they are also in danger when another one of their number is murdered.

Inspector Winton sets a trap for the killer using one of the financiers as bait.

Differences from novel



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