The Right to Live (1921 film)

The Right to Live is a 1921 British silent drama film written by, directed by and starring A.E. Coleby. The screenplay concerns a Cockney fishmonger who tracks down his estranged niece who is an aspiring actress and then loses his family's savings gambling on a trotting race.

The Right to Live
Directed byA.E. Coleby
Written byA.E. Coleby
StarringA.E. Coleby
Phyllis Shannaw
Peter Upcher
Marguerite Hare
Release date
CountryUnited Kingdom

Main cast

  • A.E. Coleby - Bill Rivers
  • Phyllis Shannaw - Marjorie Dessalar
  • Peter Upcher - Sir Robert Martindale
  • Marguerite Hare - Mrs. Rivers
  • Henry Nicholls-Bates - Grandpa Rivers


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