The Return of Don Camillo

The Return of Don Camillo (Italian: Il ritorno di Don Camillo) is a 1953 French-Italian comedy film directed by Julien Duvivier and starring Fernandel, Gino Cervi and Édouard Delmont.[1] The film's sets were designed by Virgilio Marchi. It was the second of five films featuring Fernandel as the Italian priest Don Camillo and his struggles with Giuseppe 'Peppone' Bottazzi the Communist Mayor of their rural town.

The Return of Don Camillo
-Il ritorno di Don Camillo-
Directed byJulien Duvivier
Produced byGiuseppe Amato
Written byGiovanni Guareschi (story)
René Barjavel
Julien Duvivier
Giuseppe Amato
Gino Cervi
Édouard Delmont
Paolo Stoppa
Narrated byEmilio Cigoli
Music byAlessandro Cicognini
CinematographyAnchise Brizzi
Edited byMarthe Poncin
Release date
5 June 1953
Running time
115 minutes


Don Camillo is exiled by Peppone, the communist mayor of a small mountain town named Brescello. But the mayor has problems with the citizens of the town, who want Camillo back as parish priest. In addition, a flood threatens to destroy Brescello and its environs. So Peppone calls back the priest, and he tries to raise the money needed to prevent damage from the imminent flood. However, delays occur and the flood devastates the area.



It was the second most popular film of the year at the French box office in 1953.[2]


  • Don Camillo's Last Round (Italian: Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone; French: La Grande Bagarre)[3] (1955)
  • Don Camillo: Monsignor (Italian: Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo; French: Don Camillo Monseigneur)[4] (1961)
  • Don Camillo in Moscow (Italian: Il compagno don Camillo; French: Don Camillo en Russie)[5] (1965)
  • Don Camillo e i giovani d'oggi (French: Don Camillo et les contestataires; English translated: Don Camillo and the youth of today) [6] (1970) (unfinished film)



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