The Restless Breed

The Restless Breed is a 1957 western film, directed by Allan Dwan and starring Scott Brady and Anne Bancroft.[1][2]

The Restless Breed
Original film poster
Directed byAllan Dwan
Produced byEdward L. Alperson
Richard Einfeld
Charles B. Fitzsimmons
Ace Herman
Written bySteve Fisher
StarringScott Brady
Anne Bancroft
Rhys Williams
Music byEdward L. Alperson Jr.
CinematographyJohn W. Boyle
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release date
  • May 1957 (1957-05)
Running time
86 min.
CountryUnited States


1865: Lawyer Mitch Baker is called into an office of the United States Secret Service to be told that his father was murdered in the border town of Mission, Texas. He was betrayed to Newton by an informer whilst on a mission investigating a group of gunrunners called "Newton's Raiders" supplying the forces of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico with weapons arousing the ire of the United States who wants a Republican Mexico.

Though offered his father's badge and pistol Mitch only wants the pistol that he takes with him on his revenge mission to Mission. Mitch adopts the guise of a gunslinger establishing his credentials by gunning down a few of Newton's men. With sheriffs being murdered soon after taking office the only force for good is Mr Simmons who admits to impersonating a Reverend of the Gospel. Simmons also has a children's shelter of half breed children that neither their Indian or American fathers and mothers want. The oldest is Angelita who aspires to be a dancer in the local saloon.

Angelita is fascinated, then falls in love with Mitch. As no one in town know who Mitch is or why he came the other children imagine him an Archangel, especially as Mitch turns the table on several assassination attempts as he waits for Newton to arrive to exact his revenge. Arriving before Newton is Marshal Evans who knew Mitch's father and tells Mitch his father would be ashamed of what he was doing. He also threatens to imprison Mitch and charge him with murder if he kills one more of Newton's men. Angelita and Simons are glad to know Mitch's mission and urge him to let Marshal Evans arrest Newton, but Newton rides in with a gang of riders.



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