The Relentless Four

The Relentless Four or I quattro inesorabili is a 1965 Italian Spaghetti Western film in Eastmancolor directed by Primo Zeglio.

I quattro inesorabili
Directed byPrimo Zeglio
Produced byAdriano Merkel
Written byPrimo Zeglio
Screenplay byManuel Marcello De Caso
Federico De Urrutia
Marcello Fondato
Primo Zeglio
Manuel Sebares
StarringAdam West
Robert Hundar
Red Ross
Ralph Baldwyn
János Barta
José Jaspe
Music byMarcello Giombini
Franco Pisano
CinematographyMiguel Fernández Mila
Edited byDaniele Alabiso
Distributed byProduzioni Europee Associati
Release date
December 3, 1965
Running time
91 minutes


A Texas Ranger is framed by the four outlaws he is chasing for a crime he did not commit.



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