The Red Poster

The Red Poster (German: Das rote Plakat) is a 1920 German silent crime film directed by Emil Justitz.[1]

The Red Poster
Directed byEmil Justitz
Produced byEmil Justitz
Written byLeo Heller
Rudolf Strauß
CinematographyArpad Viragh
Emil Justiz Productions
Distributed byBengen-Film Verlag
Release date
21 May 1920
German intertitles


In alphabetical order

  • Claire Creutz
  • Emmy Denner as Gräfin Rhoden
  • André Haase as André Delmont
  • Ernst Hofmann as Blasser Kavalier
  • Tatjana Irrah as Marion Diabelli
  • Hans Lanser-Ludolff as Kripo
  • Georg Leux
  • Adolf E. Licho as Emil Storch
  • Oskar Linke
  • Kurt Middendorf as Baron Dürenstein
  • Ida Perry as Frau Bauer
  • Georg H. Schnell as Kommissar Herder
  • C.W. Tetting
  • Herr Wettmann
  • Heinrich Wild


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