The Recording at NHK CR-509 Studio

The Recording at NHK CR-509 Studio (ザ・レコーディング at NHK CR-509 Studio, Za rekōdingu at NHK CR – 509 Studio) is the first live album by Japanese rock band, Asian Kung-Fu Generation and was released on September 11, 2013. They recorded it when they performed in NHK BS's special program, "The Recording Asian Kung-Fu Generation" on April 27, 2013 and Masafumi Gotō announced it as live album on twitter.[1] This is the first time the band didn't use Yusuke Nakamura's artwork on their work, instead they just used a picture of the recording.

The Recording at NHK CR-509 Studio
Live album by
ReleasedSeptember 11, 2013
GenreIndie rock, alternative rock,
ProducerAsian Kung-Fu Generation
Asian Kung-Fu Generation chronology
Nano-Mugen Compilation 2013
The Recording at NHK CR-509 Studio
Feedback File 2

Track listing


All lyrics are written by Masafumi Gotō.

1."Haruka Kanata"Masafumi Gotō3:59
2."Mirai no Kakera"Masafumi Gotō4:52
3."Kimi to Iu Hana"Masafumi Gotō5:54
4."Rewrite"Masafumi Gotō6:04
5."Blue Train"Masafumi Gotō, Kensuke Kita5:13
6."Rock and Roll, Morning Light Falls on You"Masafumi Gotō5:58
7."Mustang"Masafumi Gotō, Takahiro Yamada5:00
8."Fujisawa Loser"Masafumi Gotō2:39
9."Shinseiki no Love Song"Masafumi Gotō5:25
10."Yoru o Koete"Masafumi Gotō4:38
11."Anemone no Saku Haru ni"Masafumi Gotō6:15
12."Ima o Ikite"Masafumi Gotō, Kensuke Kita, Takahiro Yamada, Kiyoshi Ijichi4:55
13."Loser"Beck, Karl Stephenson5:11
Total length:76:10


All lyrics are written by Masafumi Gotō.

1."Loop & Loop" (ループ&ループ "Rūpu&Rūpu")Masafumi Gotō 
2."Marching Band"Masafumi Gotō 
3."Kakato de Ai o Uchinarase" (踵で愛を打ち鳴らせ "Clicking My Heels to Love")Masafumi Gotō, Kensuke Kita 
4."Soredewa, Mata Ashita" (それでは、また明日 "Well Then, See You Tomorrow")Masafumi Gotō, Takahiro Yamada 
5."A & Z" (AとZ A to Z)Masafumi Gotō 



Year Chart Peak
2013 Oricon 9


  1. Gotch twitter September 9, 2013
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