The Ravagers (film)

The Ravagers is a 1965 war drama film directed by Eddie Romero, co-written by Romero and Cesar Amigo, starring John Saxon, Fernando Poe Jr. and Vic Diaz.[2] It was produced by "Hemisphere Pictures", which consisted of Eddie Romero, Kane W. Lynn and Irwin Pizor. In the Philippines, the Tagalog language version was titled Hanggang May Kalaban and the English-dubbed version was known internationally as Only the Brave Know Hell. It was only shown in the U.S. as The Ravagers.[3][4][5]

The Ravagers (aka Only the Brave Know Hell)
Directed byEddie Romero
Produced by
Written by
Music byTito Arevalo
CinematographyMars Rasca
Edited byJoven Calub
Hemisphere Pictures
Distributed byin Phl: Filipinas Productions Inc
Release date
February 7, 1965 (Philippines)[1]
Running time
88 minutes
  • Philippines
  • United States
  • English
  • Filipino
  • Japanese

The film was set in the Philippines during World War II. It is about a band of brave Filipino guerrillas who battle with the last remaining Japanese occupation forces.[6] The film was advertised as "the biggest war film ever filmed in the Philippines". Both the English-dubbed and the Tagalog language version opened in different theaters in downtown Manila in February, 1965. Lead actress Bronwyn FitzSimons was the daughter of actress Maureen O'Hara[7]


The Philippines, 1945.The commandant of the Japanese forces occupying the Philippines is ordered to transport a shipment of gold bullion back to Japan. The Japanese soldiers take over a convent where the gold shipment is situated, and take a number of nuns and young girls prisoner in the process. Unbeknownst to the Japanese, one of the captive women is actually a female American agent named Sheila (Bronwyn FitzSimons), whom the Japanese have been looking to capture.

Kermit Dowling (John Saxon), an American army officer, together with an ex-convict named Gaudiel (Fernando Poe Jr.), leads a group of Filipino freedom fighters in an attack on the convent. Gaudiel finds himself attracted to Sheila. The guerillas beat the Japanese troops in a fierce battle and liberate the convent, saving the gold shipment.



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