The Queen of Sheba (1952 film)

The Queen of Sheba (Italian: La regina di Saba) is a 1952 Italian adventure film directed by Pietro Francisci.[1][2][3][4]

The Queen of Sheba
Directed byPietro Francisci
Music byNino Rota
CinematographyMario Montuori
Release date


King Solomon (Gino Cervi) sends his son, Prince Rehoboam (Gino Leurini) on a spy mission to Sheba where he falls in love with the beautiful Queen (Leonora Ruffo). He tries to prevent a war between their two countries but After the Queen finds out her lover is a spy, she leads her army in an assault against Jerusalem. The siege is a failure and ends with the Queen and Prince reuniting with the blessing of both King Solomon and Sheba's advisors.



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