The Pyjama Girl Case

La ragazza dal pigiama giallo (Italian for The Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas) is a 1977 Italian giallo film directed by Flavio Mogherini, distributed internationally as The Pyjama Girl Case.[1]

The Pyjama Girl Case
Italian theatrical release poster
Directed byFlavio Mogherini
Produced byGiorgio Salvioni
Written byFlavio Mogherini
Rafael Sánchez Campoy
StarringRay Milland
Dalila Di Lazzaro
Music byRiz Ortolani
CinematographyRaúl Artigot
Carlo Carlini
Edited byAdriano Tagliavia
Zodiac Produzioni
Release date
31 December 1977
Running time
103 min.

Film information

The film is based on a real story, the "Pyjama Girl" case, one of Australia's most well known unsolved murders. It was filmed in Australia[2] and produced by studio Zodiac Produzioni, in co-operation with Producciones Internacionales Cinematográficas Asociadas (PICASA).

The soundtrack album La ragazza dal pigiama giallo was released in Italy in 1978, and consisted of the instrumental score by composer Riz Ortolani as well as two songs with vocals by Amanda Lear: the theme tune "Your Yellow Pyjama" and "Look at Her Dancing".[3]


The film consists of two parallel narratives. One tells about an investigation of a murder of a girl, whose severely burned body has been found on a beach in Sydney. The police have a suspect in the murder, but the retired inspector Thompson is convinced they are wrong and continues his own investigation. The second is a story of a young Dutch girl Glenda and her partner, an Italian Antonio. Although they are in relationship, Glenda keeps seeing other men.



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