The Promised Land (1925 film)

The Promised Land (French: La terre promise) is a 1925 French silent film directed by Henry Roussel and starring Pierre Blanchar, Raquel Meller and André Roanne.[1]

The Promised Land
Directed byHenry Roussel
Written byHenry Roussel
StarringPierre Blanchar
Raquel Meller
André Roanne
CinematographyJules Kruger
Raphaël Velle
Films Jean de Merly
Distributed byExclusivités Jean de Merly
Release date
23 January 1925
French intertitles

The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert Dumesnil.


  • Pierre Blanchar as David
  • Raquel Meller as Lia
  • André Roanne as André d'Orlinsky, le jeune ingénieur
  • Max Maxudian as Moise Sigoulim
  • Henriette Moret as La rabbitzine Binnah
  • Jean De Sauvejunte as Le rabbin Samuel
  • Marie-Louise Vois as Madame Sigoulim
  • Albert Bras as Le rabbin Samuel Sigoulim
  • Robby Guichard as André
  • Pierrette Lugand as Lia
  • Jean Rauzena as David
  • Uribe (actress) as Esther


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