The Professionals (1960 film)

The Professionals is a 1960 British crime thriller, directed by Don Sharp.[1]

The Professionals
British Front of House still
Directed byDon Sharp
Produced byNorman Priggen
Written byPeter Barnes
StarringWilliam Lucas
Andrew Faulds
Colette Wilde
Music byWilliam Alwyn
CinematographyMichael Reed
Release date
1960 (UK)
Running time
61 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom

It screened on US television the following year as part of the Kraft Mystery Theatre series.[2] It was one of a series of films Anglo-Amalgamated sold to US television for one million dollars.[3]


A safecracker and his associates plan to rob a bank vault.



The New York Times TV critic called the show "an item of first rate suspense".[2]


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